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Siddhanath Surya

Jyoti with kids practiing Siddhanath Surya

An excellent practice for children who in today's world are exposed to extreme conditions physically, emotionally and mentally.

The practice of Siddhanath Surya has been especially formulated by Yogiraj Siddhanath for contemporary seekers who are busy in the run of daily living.  

Drawing from the ancient Surya Kavach and armour of Karna, the Sun forms a shield of bio luminescence and sound vibrations around the practitioner.

The exercises detoxes, protects, rejuvenates the panchakoshas- the physical, the pranic, the emotional, the mental and intuitional body of the practitioner. The practice of kumbhak prakshalan is established. 

The meditation dissolves the triple knots of brahma, vishnu and rudra granthis.

The advanced levels introduces the practitioner to more dynamic techniques of absorbing Pran, the life force energy of the sun for longevity and disease free living.

Siddhanath Surya with Jyoti, Byron Bay