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HamsaSurya- New Life Awakening

Siddhanath Golden Lotus                        Siddhanath Surya                         Siddhanath Earth Peace

Siddhanath Golden Lotus

Saturating the twelve petals of the anahad chakra the golden rays of the pran vayu alleviates emotional suffering. Deep seated trauma of the heart chakra are dissolved with ease aided by the shaktipat transmission of the satguru the practitioner feels relief as emotional baggage of lifetimes is released. 
Once again a tender yet dynamic practice from the spiritual repertoire of Satguru Yogiraj Siddhanath. Drawn from the ancient stock of the Nath yogis of the Himalayas it's also the precursor to the Kundalini Kriya Yoga and the Siddhanath Hamsa Yoga leading to the Siddhanath Samadhi Yoga - the Way of the White Swan wherein Yogiraj leads the disciples into the higher states of Enlightenments setting the individual soul free to merge into the Divine.

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