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One Master one disciple - peeling of an onion

- by Jyoti Subramanian

A fun loving and cherished child, Jyoti grew up absorbing deliberations on the Bhagavad Gita, intoning Sanskrit mantras to perfection, performing yoga asanas and traditional pujas with ease, guided by her parents lovingly into a sattvic way of life. 

Growing up to be a restless young woman seeking nothing yet experimenting with everything, her curiosity took her to Crystal Healing to Reiki to Magnified Healing to Sweat Lodge and dancing around the fire in Shamanic rites. Little did she know that during a recorded guided meditation at a seminar she will see a vision of the satguru/master Yogiraj Siddhanath who will propel her on a fast-track evolutionary path of Mahavatar Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.

In the book she takes you with ease and humour along this very personal journey unabashed and often brutally honest without guile, giving you glimpses of past lives across several civilisations, paranormal experiences in the present and manifold realms of existence, throughout which one link remains intact and steadfast - the link that binds the true disciple to their true guru. 



Today, as a senior disciple of Yogiraj Siddhanath she travels in India and worldwide sharing her learning with others, living and helping others to live joyously with grace, meeting all adversity with equanimity. The book is a reminder of the integrity disciples must have towards their master and how that helps their inner awakening. Includes Gurunath’s easy to practice 9 ancient yogic techniques.

Jyoti Subramanian

Jyoti was introduced to Yog Sadhana at age 8 by her father in Calcutta, she practiced the tenets of yam, niyam, asan and pranayam throughout her adolescence and married years. She was initiated into the evolutionary Mahavatar Babaji's Kundalini Kriya Yoga by her Guru Yogiraj Siddhanath in 1998 and empowered to share this with others since 1999.

Holding a bachelors degree in Philosophy and a post graduate diploma in Journalism, she writes humorously about serious spiritual topics in her inimitable style.

She is currently ready to publish her next book Yog Uninterrupted, a journal on applying the tenets of the Patanjali YogSutras seamlessly into her life.

Also soon to come is the One Master one disciple audio book narrated by her.

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Reviews from Amazon

Profoundly Human
As a fan of biographies on yogis and literature on mysticism in general, I found this book profoundly relatable in comparison to other reads. Jyoti has a way of bringing her faults and shortcomings on the spiritual path (and life in general) to the surface to create teachable moments. Doing this, she has made it plain that she is not trying to make herself out to be something special, on the contrary, her insight gives you hope that no matter the difficulties that come your way you can overcome them with steadfast concentration and devotion.

Not to mention there are many esoteric gems hidden in the lines for any serious seeker. An overall powerful and inspirational piece, would highly recommend any one to read it.
- Ryan. J  USA

A MUST READ for those on any spiritual path
This book is one of a kind, with vivid and heartwarming stories of a disciple on her path. Jyoti takes you through her spiritual journey and experiences and you can’t help but be transformed in her world as she shares her interactions and lessons with the Himalayan Master Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath. If you enjoyed reading The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda then you’d enjoy reading this book.
Kathie Thu Pham USA

A Must Read
Fantastic book; just what I needed, and more.
I had a great time reading it and I learnt a lot about the Master as well as the Disciple.
- Kuba UK

Quality Writing
A very well written work that does not get dry as you keep reading on.
There are startling stories of synchronous events described in the book and the author cushions them for the uninitiated western rational

I read the book in a full day. Good quality writing. Will recommend!
-Ashish India

Love it
Awesome read! Every spirituality seeker must have this book in his or her collection.
-Vik R Australia

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