Yogiraj Siddhanath Living Master

Blessings from the Satguru: "This disciple is connected with me from..."
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Kriya Yoga Class

Paramahamsa Yogananda and his book Autobiography of a Yogi brought to light.... 
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Solar healing with Pranic energy

The practice of Siddhanath Surya has been especially formulated by....
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Meditationg upon the siddhanath golden lotus

Saturating the twelve petals of the anahad chakra the golden rays...
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āyu preparing the inner disciple

Forming a circle around the Satguru's asan (seat) the students prepare...
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Yoga Class Chandigarh

At the āyu spiritual centre the effort is to effortlessly move towards a.... read more

News Article āyufoundation

about āyu

āyu is about life and living joyously with grace.

   a yogic realisation is that everything has consciousness, the rocks, the trees, the sand underneath our feet, the chair we are sitting on, the bed we lie on, the space we occupy; the universe a living being with every atom infused with intelligence.

a fragile eco system such as ours requires the each person lives with alert consciousness.
our responsibility towards our planet and the life forms inhabiting it, reflects in our living. 


achieving this seamlessly by combining ancient yogic practices with modern day living is the purpose of āyu.  

take the step towards awakened liberated living.

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