Guru-Disciple Lineage

Blessings from the Satguru, Yogiraj Siddhanath:

"This disciple is connected to me from past life. With her steady meditation and sincerity, rarely to be found in the world of today, she has strived and earned the hard-won gold. I envision Jyoti as becoming a worthy servant, serving humanity as her larger self.”
                             ~ June 2004, Siddhanath Forest Ashram

Jyoti studies in the lineage of the Siddhanath Yoga Parampara. She is a disciple of Yogiraj Siddhanath since 1998, in this life.

Devotion to her Satguru:
"I met him miraculously, first in a vision and then at the Forest Ashram in Pune in 1998. Before this journey, I was 'happy' 'successful' 'confident' and 'content', which I later realised was in, oh such a very limited fashion. Liberation then started in small ways, an addiction i couldn't give up suddenly loosened its hold on me, a relationship that was festering stopped bothering me, when buttons were pushed, reactions had changed phew!, doorways and pathways started to open up as I continued. With more and more time the baggage kept dropping off and what's more with no 'suffering'. The core essence of my being became, is becoming love love love.

The living of this liberated life I cannot explain in words. An effortless moving through life, untouched by external circumstances, a deep connection to nature and the universe is the unconditional gift from my Satguru. My heart is overwhelmed at this grace that envelopes me at all times. I'm struggling for words, for what can I say to someone who is constantly dying so I may live. Aadesh is all I can think of. Aadesh ❤️"


Author of the book One Master one disciple, she is an ardent blogger and inspired writer. For her every teaching is a learning experience. 

Introduced formally to yoga at age 11 in Patna by the Bihar school of Yoga she took her first lessons with her father much before that in an earthen floor yoga akahada in Kolkatta. She has effortlessly incorporated in her life, the philosophy of yogic living. After she met her Satguru first in a vision and then at the forest ashram in Pune her journey on this path progressed rapidly. 

With a teaching experience since 1999 in Kundalini Kriya Yoga and the practices of the Siddhanath Yoga Parampara she takes great pleasure in sharing all that she has learnt with others who seek. 

A senior disciple, Kriyacharya Jyoti has been engaged in teaching the practice of the Siddhanath Yoga Parampara, in her own inimitable manner, in India and abroad. Her travels take her to Rishikesh and Dehra Dun in India and internationally to Australia. She spends much of her time organising Yogiraj's and her own events in these places.