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Guru-disciple Lineage

This is Yogiraj Siddhanath, himalayan Master and disciple of Mahavatar Babaji

Blessings from the Satguru, Yogiraj Siddhanath:

"This disciple is connected to me from past life. With her steady meditation and sincerity, rarely to be found in the world of today, she has strived and earned the hard-won gold. I envision Jyoti as becoming a worthy servant, serving humanity as her larger self.”
                             ~ June 2004, Siddhanath Forest Ashram

Gratitude to her Satguru:

"I met Yogiraj Siddhanath miraculously, first in a vision and then at the Forest Ashram in Pune in 1998, I was in no way searching for a Guru. I was 'happy' 'successful' 'confident' and 'content', all of which I later realised was in, oh such a very limited fashion. Liberation then started in small ways, an addiction i couldn't give up suddenly loosened its hold on me, a relationship that was festering stopped bothering me, when buttons were pushed, reactions had changed phew!, doorways and pathways started to open up as I continued. With time the baggage kept dropping off and what's more with no 'suffering'. The core essence of my being became, is becoming love love love.


The living of this liberated life I cannot explain in words. An effortless moving through life, untouched by external circumstances, a deep connection to nature, the universe and the inner wellspring of love is the unconditional gift from my Satguru. Unerringly the outer Guru guided me to my inner guru and I dissolved into an expanded consciousness of my core spirit as Still Love, as the words मम आत्मं निरञ्झनह् rose silently from the depths of my being. My heart is overwhelmed at this grace that envelopes me at all times.  

Aadesh is all I can think of. Aadesh ❤️"

Jyoti Subramanian disciple of Yogiraj Siddhanath and founder of ayuyog
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