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Lighting the lamp symbolises the awakening of knowledge and wisdon within.

ayu spiritual centre

At the ayu spiritual centre the effort is to effortlessly move towards a life of yogic excellence. 


Regular classes that comprise the gamut of yogic learning, the ashtang- 8 limbs of yoga are practiced by students and teacher alike. Care is taken to adhere to the authentic practice of yog and the YogSutras of Rishi Patanjali. 

Classes include individual and group sessions with special attention to individual needs. As the students progress access to more advanced meditation techniques are made available.  

Practical sessions are interspersed with discussions and dialogue over a cup of tea or coffee.  

Learning is not confined just to the period of the class but often spills over and student and teacher engage in reciprocal conversation which encourages free thought and is a learning for both the teacher and the taught. 

Joyous playful exuberance in discipline, is the spiritual essence of the classes. 

All Classes are online now.  

Check out the ayu YouTube channel


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